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Pike and Predator Tools and Accessories

    Whether you are a novice or experienced angler along with your pike–predator rods and reels, you will need quality accessories to cover all eventualities and to help you catch your fish.

    We have Nets in varying sizes to land your fish.
    Rod holdalls to keep your rods safe on the way to your fishing venue.
    Reel pouches to protect your extra reels.
    Weigh slings and Scales to record your latest catch or personal best.
    Unhooking tools to protect your fingers from ferocious teeth.
    Unhooking mats to protect your fish on the bank. Pike may look like fierce pre-historic predators but they are still delicate fish that need to be handled with respect.
    Umbrellas, Clothing, rod rests, bite alarms, the list goes on.

    We stock accessories for Pike-Predator fishing from brands such as Dam, Ron Thompson, Prologic, NGT and other Brands.
    As experienced anglers, we are on hand happy to help with any questions you may have about tackle, bait, etc.

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