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Pike and Predator Reels

Predator fishing can be a very exciting sport.
Whether you are catching your first freshwater or saltwater predator or exceeding your personal best pike catch.

Having the right Rod and Reel is hugely important. Your Rod and Reel must be able to stand up to the rigours of fighting a large or ferocious predator.

Pike are renowned for giving the angler a good fight whether it’s a small jack or a monster 20-40lb fish.

There are Fixed Spool Spinning reels, Biatrunners and Baitcasting reels, and for those of you who like a challenge Fly Reels.

We stock a wide range of reels for spinning, dead baiting and Fly fishing from well-known brands such as Shimano, Dam, Prologic, Okuma and Rovex along with many other brands.

Whether you are Pike fishing on a budget, a novice or an experienced angler we will have a reel to suit your needs.

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