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Groundbaits and Particles

We Stock quality Groundbaits and Particle baits from well-known brands, which have been produced by specialists with years of knowledge and experience.

Groundbait is always a popular choice for Carp and Coarse anglers targeting specific species. Groundbait is a finely milled mix of ingredients that usually includes fishmeal, breadcrumb, seeds, and oils. Ideally used as a base for adding particles and attractants, the angler can vary the flavour and consistency of the bait mix to attract the targeted species.
Once the required mix is achieved water is added and the mix can be moulded into a ball to be thrown or cupped into the water. The mix will float down the water column and break down on the bed of the anglers venue creating a pile of bait to present a hook bait on.
The mix can also be used with a feeder by moulding a small amount mixed with other offerings around the feeder to entice feeding fish.

Particles are coarser elements that are used to mix with groundbait, Hempseed is one of the most popular particles.
We stock cooked prepared Hemp in a range of flavours, and hemp mixed with other popular particles such as Chilli, Garlic, Maize, Maples and Wheat. We also stock Sweetcorn prepared in a range of flavours and colours.
Adding these particles to your Groundbait mix will add texture and vary the breakdown time of your ground bait.

Our range of Groundbaits and particle baits includes excellent products from Van den Eynde, Ringers, Dynamite, and Crafty Catcher among many other brands.

We also stock Bait accessories, Bait Bowls, Buckets, Feeders, PVA Products and Bait Tools.

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