Groundbaits and Particles

We have a wide selection of Groundbaits and Particles, suitable for Carp, Bream, Tench Roach, and other Coarse fishing species.
Groundbait is the most popular choice for carp and coarse anglers for its versatility.
Use as a base for mixing with Particle baits, Additives, and attractants, add water until the consistency allows you to form a ball of bait which can be thrown into your swim, the bait will break down on impact and create a pile of bait over which you can present your hook baits.
You can also use the mixture for molding around a method feeder or add maggots to it to fill a maggot feeder, the groundbait will break down in the water allowing the maggots to escape and attract the feeding fish to your hook bait.
Our Particle bait range includes hemp-based mixes, and Sweetcorn natural or with added flavours and ingredients to increase attraction to your groundbait mixes.
Van Den Eynde, Crafty Catcher, Dynamite, and Peg No1 are among the most popular brands we stock for Carp and Coarse Fishing.
We also stock Accessories, Bait Bowls, Feeders, Boile bags, PVA, etc.
Check out our range and give yourself the edge at your next session !.