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Carp and Coarse Luggage

Your tackle box may be capable of holding all the gear you require for a short one-rod session, but more often than not when you are going Carp or Coarse fishing you will need more than just your box to carry all of your tackle.
We have a wide selection of tackle storage solutions to help you organise your tackle and accessories and to protect your fishing gear during transport.

Rod holdalls.
Ideal for carrying several rods, these holdalls have soft padded sides to protect your fishing rods from knocks and bumps, some holdalls have extra pockets on the outside with clips for holding, rod rests, umbrellas, etc.

Accessory bags and Cases
These are suitable for carrying Reels, lure boxes, terminal tackle boxes, tools and an array of smaller fishing accessories.

Rucksacks are perfect for carrying all the items you need for extended or overnight sessions, such as cooking equipment, extra clothing, tackle boxes and baits, keeping your hands free.

Reel pouches
Padded reel pouches offer extra protection for your spare reels.

Bait Bags and Cool packs
Thermal lined bait bags are ideal for keeping your baits cool and fresh until you need them, some bait bags come with extra pockets for storing your baiting tools and accessories. Cool packs are thermal lined and are suitable for keeping snacks and drinks cool or warm.

Rod Sleeves
These are used for single rods and do not offer the same padded protection as the rod holdalls.

These live up to their name, suitable for carrying all your smaller gear neatly in one place, cool bags, tackle and reel pouches, great for long sessions when you need a lot of gear. Most carryalls have an external pocket for your net heads.
Shoulder straps, as well as carry straps, are standard on most carryalls.

We have a wide selection of bags, rod holdalls, Bait bags, etc. from Abu, Shakespeare, Dam, Imax and many more brands.

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