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Bait Additives, Liquids and Dyes

Whether you are fishing with Boilies, Pellets, or ground bait and particles,  Liquid attractants and Dyes are ideal additives to have in your fishing gear.
Liquid attractants are created by mixing several potent ingredients that smell and taste good, boosting the food signal.

Liquid attractants and dyes can be added to pellets, mixed with water for use with ground bait or used as a soak for Boilies.
When using liquid attractants with boilies make sure that they are not soaked to the point where they break down, your boilies just require an even coating.

Be careful not to add too much liquid attractant. Coarse fish have a great sense of smell so will pick up on delicate aromas. Using too much additive can just as easily put the fish off, rather than enticing a bite.

Liquid attractants and dyes are also incredibly effective with artificial baits.

Powdered additives such as Van den Eynde Caramel Bream attractant is super sweet and can be added to ground baits and particle mixes with great effect.

Oil-based additives are ideal for adding to method mixes, ground bait mixes and injecting into dead baits.

Whichever type of attractant you use, powdered enhancers, sticky liquids or oils to increase attraction and draw fish into your swim as the oils and aromas are released, consider conditions such as water temperature, weather and the flow or stillness of the water in your chosen venue.

We sell Bait Additives, Liquid attractants and Dyes in a wide range of colours and flavours suitable for Carp, Bream, Roach and tench, etc..

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