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Multiplier Reels for Shore or Boat Fishing

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Multiplier reels are generally used for Sea fishing from the shore or from a boat. 
Beach multipliers are ideal for casting over great distances, these powerful reels are capable of pulling in the heaviest of fish with relative ease.
Boat Multipliers are used for trolling or jigging from a boat, these reels are capable of hauling big fish through deep water.
Most anglers new to sea fishing use a Fixed spool reel as multipliers are not as easy to handle unless you have time and patience to learn how to use one.
We stock multiplier reels in a range of sizes, for shore fishing on clean ground, rough ground, and Boat Fishing, from leading brands.
If you can not find the model you are looking for contact us, or call in at our fishing shop to check out the latest arrivals.

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