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Pike and Predator Rods

We stock rods designed for Pike and Predator fishing.
Spinning, Drop shot and LRF Rods are included in our pike and predator range.

Our pike and predator rods cover a range of sizes and prices to suit all budgets, including reasonably priced combos.

Whether you are a novice just starting out in the sport, or an experienced angler looking for a new rod to add to your collection we have rods to suit you.

Whatever technique you choose, Lure fishing, Fly, Bait fishing, LRF, jigging, etc. We have rods from Shimano, Abu, Ron Thompson, Berkley, Okuma, Shakespeare, Dam,  and many other well-known brands.

We also have an extensive range of Reels suitable for Pike and Predator fishing.
Call in and take a look, as experienced anglers we can help you with your choice of rod and if you are looking for a reel to match we can offer discounts on your chosen combination.

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