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Fishing in the Sea

Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing Rods

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    Whether you are new to fishing or an experienced angler. Here at Splash Sport Fishing Tackle and Bait, we have a wide range of Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing rods at prices to suit all budgets online and in-store.

    Call in and see us, you will find a wide range of fishing rods from leading tackle manufacturers. We will be happy to help you choose the Fishing rod that suits you best for whichever type of Fishing you are going to be doing.

    Being able to handle the rods before you buy is ideal for making sure you are comfortable with the weight and length of the rod you choose. By handling the rods you also get an idea of the action of the rod. If you need to match your new rod with a reel we will help you find the best reel to suit your new fishing rod, making sure you have a balanced fit that you will be comfortable fishing with.

    We stock a wide range of Sea fishing rods for Beach, Pier, Boat, and Kayak. Fly Fishing Rods. Coarse Fishing rods for Match fishing, feeder fishing, pike, and Carp Fishing.

    We also have great Rod and Reel Combo deals.


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