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Fishing Luggage for Sea and Coarse Anglers.

    • Looking after your fishing gear is important, your Fishing tackle will last longer if you have luggage that will protect it. Being able to transport your fishing gear with ease is also an important factor when planning a fishing outing whether you are heading to the Seashore or the riverbank or lake.

    • We have a wide range of Fishing luggage from small tackle boxes to Large Seat Boxes all designed to be practical and accommodate your various Tackle items.

    • The simplest are single rod sleeves with light padding or a basic cloth rod bag, these are available in various sizes.

    • There are Rod Holdalls in a range of sizes to carry a number of Rods, these holdalls are padded to protect your rods, they have long zips for easy access and padded Shoulder straps and carry handles, the larger holdalls often have exterior pockets and straps for carrying tripods or umbrellas.

    • For smaller items, we have Bait bags that are insulated to keep your baits cool and fresh. Lead bags that are padded to keep your weights from rattling around in your tackle box. Bait tubs with secure lids to keep your live baits secure, and your prepared baits from spilling out.

    • Reel bags, padded to protect your reels from damage.

    • Rig Wallets for pre-tied rigs, Fly Boxes, and Lure boxes to prevent hooks from getting tangled.

    • Nets with Bags for those stinky nets at the end of a fishing session.

    • Rucksacks are super convenient for carrying many items such as spare clothing, cooking equipment, etc. leaving your hands free to carry your rod holdalls and other items. Rucksacks are built for comfort with padded shoulder straps and carry handles, and often have several compartments for lure boxes and other items.

    • Carryalls are ideal for anglers planning a long or overnight fishing session, as suggested they will carry a vast amount of fishing gear from clothing and cooking gear to all your smaller bags and boxes. They have padded handles for comfort and the larger bags have exterior pockets for organizing smaller items.

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