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Pike and Coarse Fishing Baits

We sell a wide range of Premium quality blast frozen Pike Fishing Baits
and Live Baits for Trout, Coarse and Carp Fishing.
All Fishing Baits are only available for pick up in-store.

Live Coarse Fishing Baits.

CASTERS ..............................£1.00 per bag ( 1/3 pint )
MAGGOTS.............................£1.00 per bag ( 1/3 pint )
MAGGOTS.............................£3.00 per pint
WORM (Dendrobaena) .......£1.30 per tub (approx 20)

Frozen Pike Fishing Baits.

Pike Packs - 6-7 assorted best-selling fish that offer brilliant value for money a Pike Pack gives you several bait options.

Bluey -  Extremely Oily fish making them highly attractive. The oil from a Bluey washes out much slower than mackerel or herring.

Mackerel -  Very effective as pike baits, they have an iridescent sheen when really fresh, which makes them stand out well.
Roach -  Roach are a major part of the diet of pike in most venues, which makes roach a popular bait with predator anglers. They are by nature quite buoyant bait, piercing the swim bladder and squeezing the air out of the bait will produce a slow-sinking presentation ideally resting on top of any weed for pike to pick up easily.

Sardine -  Sardines can be a very effective dead bait on many venues. They are oily with a strong scent and a silver sheen, sardines can be a very soft bait, use frozen or whip with bait elastic to keep them on the hook.

Smelt -  By far the most popular of all dead baits, they are easy to hook and stay on well, even when fishing at long range, they are a dense bait packed with muscle and a cucumber-like smell,  they are naturally bright white in colour which really makes them stand out to any passing pike. Also available in red and gold colours.

Sprats -  Sprats are another oily fish, generally small but still very good dead bait for Pike.

Trout - Trout are a tough bait, ideal for long-range fishing, we occasionally have, Brown, Golden and Rainbow in stock

Other Baits are seasonally available. All baits are available for in-store pick up only.

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