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Links, Clips and Swivels

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Clips, Links, and Swivels are essential terminal tackle items.
Used for attaching Leaders, Weights, and Lures to your fishing rigs, these items come in a wide range of sizes and strengths. 
Whether you are Sea fishing or coarse fishing, you will need clips, links or swivels.
Swivels with or without clips attached are available in a wide range of sizes, these allow the line or lure attached to them to move freely.
Links can be used at the top of your rig to attach it to your mainline, this makes changing your rig quick and easy.
Use links at the bottom of your rig to allow quick change of lures and weights.
You will find Quality Clips, Links, and Swivels for all Sea and Coarse Fishing from, Breakaway, Gemini, Rovex, Shakespeare, and many other brands in our Terminal Tackle department.

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