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power swivel sizes

CJT Power Swivels - Extra Strong Fishing rig swivels

PriceFrom £4.49

These Extra Power Swivels are popular and for good reason, they are Powerfull!!
Swivels are an important terminal tackle component and one you need to be able to rely upon.

The eyes are made from Strong Stainless Steel, and the swivels have a Black matt finish to minimise glare.

These incredibly strong Power Swivels are available in a range of sizes, ideal for Coarse angling and Sea Fishing. 
Ideal for use on the lightest of rigs up to heavy rigs for Big Game Fishing.

50 Swivels per pack. 

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    Sizes and Strength

    Size 18 - 35lb B/S
    Size 14 - 45lb B/S
    Size 12 - 60lb B/S
    Size 10 - 100lb B/S
    Size 8 - 195lb B/S
    Size 5 - 295lb B/S

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