Services Available In-Store

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****Available in-store only****

Permits for the 2021 Trout and Salmon Season are available in-store, check out our Permits page for current prices.

Go Trout Fishing for a Day or enjoy your Fishing all Season long
with a permit for your chosen venue.

Irvine and District Angling Club
Season Permits for Adult and Juniors 


 Ardrossan Eglinton Angling Club.
Busbie Muir Day Tickets only for Adults ( 2 Fish ) and Juveniles


Kilwinning Eglinton Angling Club
Season Permits for Adults, Seniors and Juveniles


Eglinton Loch (Eglinton Country Park)

Full Season Permits and Half Annual permits for Adults and Juniors


Wherever you go fishing please remember to close any gates behind you, and be careful to remove any litter when you go home.


Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are the ideal solution to the problem of buying the right gift for a friend or relative who enjoys fishing. 
Especially if you are unsure of what type of Fishing they prefer or what RodReel, or other fishing gear they actually need.
A Gift voucher allows the recipient to purchase an item of their own choice saving the embarrassment of receiving a duplicate item or the wrong type of Fishing gear. 
Gift Vouchers are a great choice for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Angling Club Prizes, Competition Prizes and other occasions.
We sell Gift Vouchers in-store with values of £5.00, £10, £20. Gift Vouchers can be redeemed against Fishing Tackle, Bait, and Accessories in-store.

**Gift Vouchers can not be used to purchase Fishing Permits.**

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Repairs and Servicing

There are times when all that is needed to get you fishing is a little general maintenance for your fishing tackle.

Fishing Rod Repairs
We provide a Fishing Rod repair service in-store.
The replacement of a Rod Tip Eye may be carried out immediately in-store and will require only a short waiting time.
Other repairs such as replacement eyes along the body of the fishing rod will take longer due to the amount of work required.

Fishing Reel Servicing and Repair

We carry out Fishing Reel Repair and Servicing in our shop.

Charges for repairs will depend on the possible parts required.

Along with our in-store services already mentioned, we are on hand in-store to advise on Buying Tackle, where to go fishing, and which baits are best to use.
If you need help with issues such as knot tying, bait presentation, etc. just ask a colleague, we are happy to help with even the smallest issues.
If you are new to fishing and buying a Fishing reel and line we will put the line on the reel if you are unsure of how to do it correctly, or set your rod and reel up ready to go fishing.
Here at Splash Sport Fishing Tackle and Bait, we offer after-sales service, which means your buying experience does not end when you have made your purchase. You can call into our shop anytime for help and advice.