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Greys BT-X Bitefinda Anchor Hair Rigs - Carp Fishing

Greys BT-X Bitefinda Anchor Hair Rigs


Greys BT-X Bitefinda Anchor hair rigs, bait anchors included.
Six 12-inch hair rigs with bait anchors tied to super strong low diameter line with custom-made barbless hair rigging hooks.
These rigs cover float, feeder, or leger fishing tactics.
Each pack includes 5 free prodigy bait anchors.
6 Rigs per pack.


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    Hook size 16, Breaking strain 5.5lb / 2.49kg, diameter 0.165,
    Hook Size 18, Breaking strain 4.5lb / 2.04kg, diam 0.150mm,
    length 12 inches, 6 per pack.

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