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Fenix hm75r headlamp

Fenix hm75r headlamp

SKU: fhm75r

Fenix HM75R is a high quality Industrial head torch which features a powerful 1600 lumen main beam, 1000 lumen floodlight and 120 lumen red light in a compact magnesium alloy head unit, powered by a replaceable 3400 mAh, 18650 Li-ion battery.

A power extender containing a replaceable 5000mAh, 21700 Li-ion battery is included. This clips to the rear of the headband and can be used to add considerable run time to the headlamp, or top up its on board battery between sessions. A 1m extension cable adds versatility to the power extender, enabling it to be mounted to a belt or used in a pocket. The extender also functions as a 5000mAh power bank to charge your phone etc. Both the headlamp and power extender feature an inner waterproof USB-C charging socket with rubber cover.

HM75R is simple to operate, with a metal rotary switch for mode selection, and a central push button for brightness adjustment.

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