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Monofilament Fishing Line

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    Monofilament Fishing line is by far the most popular line among anglers for all types of fishing.
    It is generally the least expensive line to use which is a benefit to beginners fishing on a tight budget.
    Monofilament line comes in a wide range of Colours for using in various water conditions.
    There are various breaking strains, from lightweight lines for Coarse and Match fishing to heavier lines for using on your Sea fishing reels or as Shock leaders to absorb the pressure created by your fishing weight when casting, and super heavy mono lines for using when making traces or rigs for larger deep sea specimens.
    We Stock Monofilament lines from leading manufacturers including, Berkley, DAM, Asso, Rovex, Okuma, Sufix, and many others.
    Call into our shop and check out our great deals, we can help you choose the right line for your chosen type of fishing.

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