Fishing Weights and Floats

Floats come in a range of types and sizes, and the type of float you require will depend on what style of fishing you are doing but the point of using a float is universal for all fishing types, the float is there as an indicator if it moves or disappears under the surface of the water this usually means a fish is interested in the bait you have below your float.
We have various styles of Coarse Fishing floats, Stick floats, Wagglers, Pike bungs, Pole floats, etc. in both weighted and unweighted patterns, most of these floats have weight markings on them, these markers are meant to indicate the weight needed to cock the float and should generally be used as a guide as they are not always accurate. We also sell split shot for setting up your floats.
There are also Bubble floats of various sizes, these floats are easy to use they have tiny plugs which you can open to let water into them to adjust how they sit in the water, you can use these in freshwater and saltwater fishing.
Sea fishing floats are much larger and generally made from dense polystyrene with bright colours at the top of the float to aid visibility, these floats also come with weight markers. We sell weights and other components for setting up a float rig and we also sell Float kits with instructions for setting up the float rig.