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Carp Spirit BLAX 12 ft Carp Rod

Carp Spirit BLAX 12ft Carp Rod


The BLAX Series of rods from Carp Spirit have been designed and developed to be 'Best in Class'.
At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that the BLAX rods are twice their actual price and rightly so.
They are built on slim, lightweight, matte black blanks constructed using the finest 30-ton carbon pre-preg.
All the BLAX Rods feature High-quality SIC Sea-guides and lightweight anodised aluminium fittings.

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    BLAX 12 ft Rod - 2.75lb Test curve
    Casting Weight: 60-100g
    Guide Sizes: 40-30-25-20-16 + 16T 

    BLAX 12ft Rod - 3.0lb Test Curve
    Casting Weight: 80-120g
    Guide Sizes: 50-40-30-25-20 +16T

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