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Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing.

Updated: Jan 29

Wearing Polarized sunglasses for fishing will help you see your prey clearer in all types of conditions, overcast and bright sunshine.

Cost may be a consideration when buying sunglasses, UV protected sunglasses may be cheaper and you may think that the darker lenses will be better. UV protective lenses are good but do not offer your eyes the visual clarity required for detecting the fish.

Polarized lenses block out vertical light waves bouncing off the water and other shiny objects eliminating glare and making it easier to see and protecting your eyes from long term exposure to the glare of the sun.

Not only do polarized sunglasses help reduce glare to see the fish more clearly below the water surface, but they will also help you keep an eye on the tip of your rod in bright conditions.

For anglers who like to wade beyond the edge of the water polarized sunglasses aid with safety by helping to navigate the riverbed safely, avoiding underwater structures such as boulders and submerged logs or deep holes which could cause the angler to trip and fall into the water.

view of fish under water through regular sunglasses

view of fish underwater using polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are available with a range of lens colours which can help with contrast to help you see clearer in varying conditions. Yellow lenses are particularly useful for low light and misty conditions offering a high degree of contrast when fishing. Grey lenses are perfect for general use and are suitable for sunny or cloudy conditions allowing good colour perception. Brown lenses offer greater depth perception but are not as good in low light conditions. Green lenses offer the best of both worlds when compared to brown or grey lenses, green lenses pr0vide great contrast whilst transmitting colours evenly. Blue lenses are great for winter conditions reducing the glare from snow, and good in misty and foggy conditions.

Savage gear polarized sunglasses

scierra polarized sunglasses

We stock stylish quality polarized sunglasses from Scierra, DAM and Savage gear, in a variety of styles including wrap around.

Visit us at Splash Sport Fishing Tackle and Bait, Ardrossan to check out our range of polarized sunglasses for your next fishing session.

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