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Rovex Powerspin Reels

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Rovex Powerspin Reels were introduced to the market in 2019 and continue to be a popular choice today for anglers looking for quality reels at a price that won't break the bank. Rovex Powerspin reels are produced by Jarvis Walker, these reels have outstanding build quality, they are strong reliable and affordable for the angler looking to set up on a budget. Powerspin reels deliver on performance for all types of fishing and can be adjusted for Left or Right hand use.

All the reels in the Powerspin range are equipped with 3 ball bearings, CNC machined handles with EVA knobs for powerful confident cranking, and they have infinite anti-reverse and a thick line friendly bail wire. The Aluminium spools have a textured design suitable for Braid or mono and the spool capacities are generous, especially useful when offshore fishing for pelagic species, wreck dwellers and bottom feeders with the 8000 size which is more than capable of handling most fish with ease.

The Powerspin 4000 is an ideal allrounder, suitable for Coarse fishing and light Sea fishing, spinning from a pier or rock mark. Perfectly balanced for 6-8ft rods. Powerspin 4000 Gear ratio – 5.2:1 Maximum Drag – 12lb Approximate Spool Capacity – 190yds / 10lb Mono.

The Powerspin 6000 is ideal for Beach fishing for flatties, Bass or spinning for Mackerel, a suitable rod for this reel would be in the 8-10ft size range. Powerspin 6000 Gear ratio – 5.2:1 Maximum Drag – 14lb Approximate Spool capacity – 125yds / 20lb Mono

The Powerspin 8000 is well suited to Boat or Rock fishing for larger species and will handle larger lures and weights. This size is suitable for 6/7ft Boat rods or Beachcasting rods of 12-15ft. The 8000 size Powerspin is also popular as a Big pit / Spod reel for Carp Fishing. Powerspin 8000 Gear ratio - 4.1:1 Maximum Drag – 17lb Approximate Spool capacity – 340yds / 20lb Mono.

Whichever size of Powerspin reel you need you can be sure that the build quality and reliability is consistent across the range. We stock Rovex Powerspin reels in all sizes and can help you with your choice of a reel, or if you are buying both a rod and reel we can help you pick the perfect match. Combo discounts and offers are always available in-store.

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