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DAM Effzett Pro Trout Inline Spoons


DAM Effzett Pro Trout Inline Spoon
DAM Effzett Pro Trout Inline Spoons are lead-free lures made from zinc
produced in anodized colours with extreme flash on one side of the lures

the fluttering sinking phase is the perfect trigger to attract predatory fish with patterns that include UV- active light pearl.

A single hook with a large eyelet and beads are included.
Not only attractive to Trout, these lures have also proven effective for Perch.


66247 - purple/black uv

66246 - yellow/black flake uv

66245 - rainbow trout

66244 - green/orange smolt uv

66243 - green/black flake

66242 - blue/red smolt

66241 - chartreuse smolt


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