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dam effzett roach spoons

DAM Effzett Roach Spoons


DAM Effzett Roach Spoons - LEAD-FREE
The unique design of these DAM Effzett Roach Spoons is based on the real body shape of a roach with extremely realistic photo-printed colours.
The unmistakable flanking action perfectly imitates a dying or sick fish in the water.
The look of these nicely designed zinc metal lures will drive predators totally crazy

Each lure is equipped with an ultra-sharp effzett treble

100% lead-free lure made from zinc

11cm/56g fire roach uv - 66661

11cm/56g rudd - 66659

11cm/56g pink roach uv - 66660

11cm/56g roach - 66658

9cm/32g fire roach uv - 66657

9cm/32g rudd - 66655

9cm/32g pink roach uv - 66656


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