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Sea and Coarse Fishing Hooks

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Without Hooks you are not going to catch your fish, we stock an extensive range of Hooks for all types of fishing disciplines, from tiny sizes for Coarse fishing to huge hooks for large sea specimens.
Treble Hooks for pike and other predators, Single hooks, long shank, short shank, Circle hooks, and Barbless Hooks for Carp and Coarse fishing.
There is no greater choice in Terminal tackle than the range of hook patterns and sizes available.
We have popular patterns and sizes from Tsunami, Jaxon, Shakespeare, Savage Gear, CJT, Kamasan, Eagle Claw, VMC, Middy, and more chemically sharpened, and saltwater resistant hooks.
And for anglers who are not confident tying knots and rigs, we have pre-made rigs for Pike fishing, sea fishing, and hooks to nylon for carp and coarse angling. 
Call into our shop and check out our range.

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