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Braid Fishing Line

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Braided Line is made from multiple fibres which are welded together which generally produces a stronger line with a smaller diameter.
Braid line is more expensive than Monofilament. and due to the smaller diameter, you will need much more line to fill your spool. It is advisable to back off your spool with monofilament line before loading your braid, this will stop the Braided line slipping on the spool.
Braided line has no memory and no stretch so detecting a run and setting your hook is achieved more quickly than with monofilament.
Whichever type of Fishing you are doing, Sea, Coarse, or Carp, make sure that the guides on your Fishing rod are suitable for using with Braid line.
Call in at our fishing shop if you need help or advice and check out the latest deals

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