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Hard Body Fishing Lures

Here at Splash Sport Fishing Tackle and Bait, we stock a wide range of Hard Body fishing Lures for Predator angling.
All our lures are chosen for quality, performance, and value from Leading manufacturers such as Savage Gear, Nomura, and other well-known brands.
The variety to choose from includes lures for Saltwater and Freshwater predators.
There are Floating lures for surface fishing, Diving Lures, Vibrating lures, Jointed lures, Rattling lures, and many more, all with designs and colours to imitate baitfish for whatever species you are targeting.
Check out our whole range in-store at our Fishing shop in Ardrossan.
If you need advice choosing your lures we will be happy to help you pick the right lures for your chosen type of Fishing.

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