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Choosing The right Fishing Tackle

Updated: May 2, 2023

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, when you enter a Fishing Tackle shop there is always so much to choose from and finding exactly what you need sometimes requires a little help.

If you are new to Fishing and have decided what type you will be doing, Sea, Coarse or Fly Fishing, we are always on hand to guide you to which type of rod, Reel and Accessories will be suitable.

There are many things to consider depending on the type of Fishing you are going to do.

For Sea Fishing, you may just want to go spinning, lure fishing or Float fishing which requires some depth of water, piers or rock marks are ideal. Perhaps you would rather be fishing from a Beach in shallower water. The best Rods for each of these types of fishing are vastly different as are the Reels.

Pier rods and spinning reels are generally lighter than Beach gear, the rods required are generally shorter with lighter casting weights and the reels smaller than those used for Beach Fishing, the gears in these smaller spinning reels are also lighter and are not built to use with the heavy sea fishing weights which shore anglers use. You will need to make sure when you buy extra spinners, lures and sinkers that they are not too heavy for your fishing equipment. The fishing line on your spinning reel will also be of a lighter breaking strain than that of a larger more robust beach casting reel.

Lure fishing or spinning is quite an active sport requiring the angler to cast and retrieve the lure to tempt a fish to take the spinner or lure which imitates a smaller baitfish.

Float fishing is more relaxed than spinning, you will need bait for this type of fishing, rather than casting and retrieving and the angler simply watches the float until it dips below the water surface when a fish takes the bait, consider float fishing with fish strips or ragworm. The depth of the bait can be altered by moving the float up or down the line to find where the fish are feeding.

Beach fishing gear is heavier and more robust, with a wide range of rods in various lengths and casting weights and a huge choice of bigger fixed spool or multiplier reels designed to cast bigger baits and heavier weights, you may require a bag to carry your extra tackle for fishing the beach or a seat box which will carry your tackle and give you somewhere to sit while you wait for that bite, and a Tripod to rest your fishing rod on. For fishing the beach you will need a variety of weights, shock leader, rigs, extra hooks, links and bait.

There are also Boat rods and reels for the angler who wants to fish from a charter boat or has a boat to fish from. These Rods and Reels are available in a range of sizes ranging from light boat Fishing to fishing for larger species such as Skate or Norway Cod.

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