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Light up your Night Time Fishing.

Updated: Jan 17

Fishing in darkness can often produce bigger and better catches than in Daylight, night time fishing is popular with many anglers. A reliable headlamp is an essential piece of kit to have amongst your fishing gear. Whatever your budget we have some great headlamps in stock for those night time or dark winter fishing outings. Headlamps with rechargeable or conventional batteries are ideal for illuminating your environment from a safety point of view and for tasks where you need both hands free to such as tying hooks, changing rigs or baiting up. We have taken care to choose some great models from Fenix and Nebo. All the models we have in stock have a wide range of features to suit many applications from Flood to Spotlight, dimming capabilities and Red flood.

The FENIX HM65R ShadowMaster Headlamp

has been developed as an elite Fishing Headlamp, Hunting Headlamp and Military Headlamp. it features a powerful main beam boosted from 1000 to 1200 lumens plus 150-lumen Red floodlight. Durable and reliable, rated 2m drop resistance, dustproof and waterproof to 2 metres for 30 minutes. ShadowMaster is the headlamp of choice for those who appreciate the best build quality and performance.

The FENIX HM65R is a powerful dual-beam rechargeable Fishing headlamp that utilizes a magnesium alloy body for light weight and excellent heat dissipation. Featuring a 1000 lumen spot beam that reaches out 163 metres and a soft, even floodlight of up to 400 lumens for comfortable close-in use. A Fenix ARB-L18-3500 mAh 18650 rechargeable battery is supplied which delivers maximum run times whatever lighting mode is in use. Swapping the battery for a spare is simple to do, by unscrewing the battery cap, keeping your adventure going indefinitely! The battery is charged onboard via the supplied USB-C type cable and your choice of mains outdoor charger, whilst a 4 LED battery meter between the individual beam switches indicates the remaining charge. Durability: The FENIX HM65R is rated 2M drop resistant, dustproof and waterproof to 2 metres for 30 minutes, ultra-reliable in the toughest situations including the extreme test of Caving. Limited Seasonal Offer: Free Fenix E01 V2.0 included with the HM65R headlamp!

The Fenix HP25R rechargeable Fishing headlamp defines extreme versatility.

It's not only rechargeable with the included 18650 battery and micro USB charging cable, but also highly flexible with both a neutral white floodlight and far-reaching spotlight beam. However complex the environment, HP25R responds with a truly impressive performance in fishing, hiking, camping, searching, cave exploration and general outdoor activities.

The NEBO Rebel™ is a fully rechargeable magnetic task light that includes an adjustable head strap for use as a Fishing headlamp. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this powerful light rebels against its size with its impressive 600-lumen output. The Rebel™ is also equipped with a rotating, removable steel clip and powerful magnetic base to provide even more hands-free lighting options.

The NEBO DUO Headlamp is an all-powerful, hands-free lighting solution ideal for Fishing. The push-button on/off button allows you to easily cycle through the FOUR light modes: one white LED (250 Lumens), 2 C•O•B strips (80 Lumens) or 2 RED C•O•B strips in steady or beacon mode. The red LED is a low-signature light, which ensures stealth in the dark, enhances night vision and makes reading in little to no light possible. The light from the 250-lumen power LED has a spot beam distance of 122 meters. Its signature 2 strip C•O•B design fully illuminates your immediate area with its wide flood beam. The DUO Headlamp is tough, reliable, lightweight and completely shock proof.

At Splash Sport Fishing Tackle and Bait we stock a wide range of quality fishing headlamps to suit all budgets.

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