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savage gear gravity stick pulse tail ghost mix

Savage Gear Gravity Stick Lures


Savage Gear Gravity Stick Lures are available in paddle tail, pintail and pulse tail models

Savage ear Gravity Stick lures have a slim profile, this is a long-casting range of soft lures with a high specific gravity.
All of the Gravity Stick lures have a rattle slot in the main body plus an insert weight slot in the tail area to add even more distance to your cast if required.
The back of each lure has a recessed slot for using weedless hooks.

perfected for use with weedless hooks or jig heads.

These lures can be fished with or without belly weights.

gravity stick paddle tail 14cm/15g sinking ghost mix - 72587

''               ''            ''                   ''                      sinking hi vis  - 72586

gravity stick pulse tail 14cm/15g sinking hi vis - 72584

        ''                      ''                       ''              ''        sinking ghost mix - 72585

Gravity Stick Pintail 14cm/15g sinking hi-vis - 72588


  • More Info

    The Pulsetail design - offers a very subtle and realistic pulsing tail action on a simple straight retrieve, where the body of the lure deliberately has a “no-action” profile while the tail seductively pulses all the time. The Pulsetail swims perfectly at a variety of speeds plus it also works on the drop where its subtle shaking and pulsing tail can really get the fish going!
    The Paddle tail Lures have a slightly different action. A straight retrieve produces a very lively kicking and rocking action along the whole length of the lure, the Paddletail displaces enough water to drive the fish wild yet can still be fished very subtly if required.

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