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savage gear gravity stick mini kit

Savage Gear Gravity Stick Mini Kit


Savage Gear Gravity Stick Mini Kit 

The Savage Gear Gravity Stick Mini Kit is a handy pack of 6 soft lures in pintail which is an ideal twitch bait, pulsetail, as the name suggests has an attractive pulsating action of the tail, and lastly the paddletail profile which has a very attractive kicking action to attract your prey.

These are designed as long casting lures due to the slim profile of each pattern, they have a high specific gravity towards the tail and ahole for guiding your hook into the slot on the back of the lure for perfect weedless presentation.

These lures are ideal for Bass.


Each Pack Contains:

6 12cm - 13g SinkingLures - 2 Paddletail, 2 Pintail, 2 Pulsetail.

2 Corkscrew Weedless Hooks - 1 weighted, 1 standard.

2 Tungsten Spike Weights.

2 Glass Rattles.


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