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Seatech Luminous Hokeye Fishing Rigs

Seatech Luminous Hokeye Fishing Rigs


Seatech 3 Hook Luminous Hokeye Fishing Rigs.
Purchase 4 rigs and we will add 1 FREE (5 Rigs in total).
All Seatech fishing rigs are equipped with strong Swivels and Links.
Easy, straight out of the packet Sea Fishing rigs designed to imitate small baitfish.
Ideal for Mackerel Fishing.

Only 4 left in stock
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    These Seatech Luminous Hokeye rigs are built on a 60lb monofilament mainline.
     Each of the branch lines is 40lb monofilament tied to size 1/0 hooks with luminous hokeye heads, holographic flash, white feather, and sparkle tails.
    Perfect for Mackerel Fishing.

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