Soft Body Fishing Lures

For those of you who are Lure anglers, we stock a wide range of soft lures for all types of Fishing, whether you are targeting Saltwater predators or Freshwater species.
Our range of lures has been chosen from leading manufacturers such as Savage Gear, Tsunami, Ron Thompson, and other well-known brands for their tried and tested results giving great performance and value for money for Sea Fishing and Coarse Fishing.
There is a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes available all with unique qualities such as 3-D Eyes, UV reactive qualities, internal rattles, etc. to imitate real baits, that will attract, Bass, Pollock, Pike, Perch, Trout, and many other species.
You will find ready-rigged lures, Lure Bodies, articulated lures, Shads, Sandeels, Worms, Ducklings, Eels, etc.
We sell Multi-packs at great prices and a wide selection of individual lures for those of you wanting to top-up your lure boxes with a varied selection of lures to give yourself the optimum chance of hooking.
We also stock a broad selection of jig heads, weights and Hooks for lure and bait fishing.

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