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Which species are Eating your Fishing Bait?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

During a recent session at Ardrossan Harbour, I decided to take some underwater footage to see which species were lurking in wait to grab any potential bait offerings. The result was great, although the fish queueing up for a snack were juveniles there were several species present including Whiting, Coalies, Pollock, and Codling. As you can see in the video these mini fish fed voraciously, charging in at the bait and tearing chunks off until there was nothing left. Unfortunately, there was no Mackerel present for this fishing session, but the video shows the fish are present and it's not just the crabs stealing your fishing bait. No Fish were harmed in this video. When filming I do not use hooks for the baits. For this video, I used strips of Mackerel Fillet tied straight onto a length of mono under the camera. I will post videos from other locations to show the species present and terrain, which you may find helpful when choosing your terminal tackle, rigs, hooks, weights, and fishing Baits. If you are visiting Splash Sport Fishing Tackle, Ardrossan, we will be happy to offer help and advice for choosing your fishing tackle and baits, or check out our website.


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